Thursday, June 17, 2010

chapter 3

I know I could have saved our love that night
If I'd known what to say
Instead if making love
We both made our separate ways

A few hours later, he touched down at the airport in New York City and all the sudden he could feel his stomach twisted in knots, scared of the outcome with Lindsay and wondering if this will be the last time he is going to see her. He takes a deep breathe as he walked down the airport and headed towards the outside of New York City. He called for a taxi as it stopped and Modano gave him the information of where Lindsay lives as the taxi driver nods and Modano gets in and puts his seatbelt before the driver drove away from the airport.

A few minutes later, he was at Lindsay’s condo and got out as he paid the driver his fee and walked towards the door before walking towards the door and knocked on it. He waited for Lindsay to answer the door and then heard the door unlock as Lindsay opened the door and saw Mike.

“Mike, what are you doing here?” Lindsay asked, shocked to her ex standing at the door with a bag in his hand.

“I came to see you so that we can work things out with you.”

“I am sorry but I thought I made it clear that I don’t want to be with you. I just want us to live different lives and be happy.”

“Lindsay, please let me explain things.”

“Come inside,” Lindsay said as she let Mike and he walked over towards the living room, putting his bag near the couch and sat down. Lindsay shut and locked the door as she walked over towards the living room and sat down near Mike.

“I love you, Lindsay. Now what you did to me after my final skate really hit me hard and everything. After you left, I couldn’t move on and I tried to date other people but you were on my mind the whole time. I tried to get over you by getting drunk but it didn’t work. I called you an hour ago and you told me that you were pregnant with our first child.”


“No, please, let me finish this, Lindsay.”


“That made me realize that we are supposed to be together not be ripped apart. Is that why you ended the engagement?”

“Yeah it was cause I was afraid that you would not be in my child’s life and abandon me. I didn’t want to get hurt.”

“Lindsay, I would never ever abandon you and would never hurt you. You were my heart and soul.”

“I know you wouldn’t but I am with someone else now. I am dating a guy I met through one of my friends at the paper. His name is Lucas Morrison and he is my guy. I am sorry, Mike but I have moved on and I think it is best that you move on too.”

“I will be in our son’s life. You don’t have to worry about. I was raised by an amazing woman who told me to not abandon my own child. I will help you buy paying for child support and everything. I hope you enjoy your new life.” Mike got up as he looked at Lindsay and walked away as he picked up his bags, walking out of Lindsay’s life forever. He walked out as he waved for a taxi cab. The taxi cab stopped as Mike got in the back as he told the driver to drive him back to the airport. The taxi driver nodded and drove Mike to the airport.

Mike arrived at the departure drop off as he got out of the cab as he paid the taxi driver fee as he walked away and went over to the ticket place.

“Hi, sir. Can I help you?” The young lady asked Mike.

“Yes. I was hoping if you can find me the next flight to Dallas.”

“Sure thing sir.” The young lady looked down at her computer and found the latest flight. “Mr. Modano, I found you a flight tonight. It leaves an hour.”

“That’s great. I’ll take it.”

“Okay.” The lady printed everything out for Mike as she told him the price. He gave her his credit card and she swiped as it went through. “Okay, Mr. Modano. Here is your ticket to Dallas.”

“Thank you, ma’am,” Mike replied as he walked away and went through security again and went to his gate. He got his iPhone out, and went through his contacts until he found Brenden’s number.

“Hi, Mike.”

“Hey, Brenden. I was wondering if you can pick me up. My flight leaves in an hour. I will be there in 3 hours.”

“Sure thing, buddy. What happened?”

“I will tell you everything when I get there.”

“Sure thing.”


“Bye, buddy.”

Mike turned his iPhone off as he waited for his boarding number to be called. A few minutes he boarded the flight and was heading back home to a place where there was no Lindsay but a place he called home.

A few hours later, he touched down at the airport in Dallas, he didn’t know what to tell Brenden when he saw him. He had to figure a way to tell Brenden what happened. He takes a deep breathe as he walked down the airport and headed towards the outside of DFW airport as he sees Brenden pull up in his Mazda 3. He walked over as he opened the passanger side and sat down with his bag on his lap.

“Hey, Mike. You want to talk?”

“Not yet. Can we please talk when we get to my place?” Mike answered.

“Sure thing.” Brenden drove off as he went back to Mike’s place. As he got there, he parked his car near Mike’s place as he put the car in park. Both men got out as Brenden locked his car with his keys. Mike walked towards the door as he opened the door up and walked inside as he tossed his stuff near the kitchen isle. He walked over towards the couch as he sat down and put his feet on the ottoman.

Brenden walked inside the condo as he shut the door and locked it. He saw Mike sitting on the couch, tears running down his eyes. That talk with Lindsay must of really hit him bad, Morrow thought to himself. He went over and sat down besides Mike. “Okay, Mike, what in the world happened?”

“Lindsay told me that she met some other guy but I can be in my son’s life. It’s over, Brenden. We are through. I guess breaking up in the first place was the best thing,” Mike whispered, crying. “I am going to move on without Lindsay in my life. I am also going to retire. Don’t tell the team yet. I will tell them on July 2nd.”

“Okay, Mike. We will miss you on the ice and glad that you can move without Lindsay in your life.”

Mike smiled, “Thanks, Brenden. I will be there in the stands watching you and you can always come to me if you need anything.”

“Anytime, Mike and the same thing applies here.”

Brenden and Mike slapped hands together as Brenden got up and patted Mike’s shoulder before he left the condo and drove back to his place. Mike got up as he locked the door and walked back to the couch.


July 2nd, 2010

A month later, Mike Modano was standing in front of reporters and his team in the press conference room at the American Airlines Center. He was ready to announce his retirement as a player. “Thank you for all coming today. I have decided that this is the time to put up my skates for the rest of my life. Today is an emotional and exciting day for me as an athlete and a person. It closes one chapter of my life as an athlete and opens a new life for me as a person. I am still figuring out what I want do with the rest of my life. But I have that with me for the rest of my life. I want to thank my parents, Mike Sr. and Karen for coming today and supporting me throughout my career. I want to thank my teammates for coming down to support me and being there every step of the way. I want to thank the fans for being there every step of the way of my career and even back in Minnesota during the Minnesota North Stars. The game of hockey has been with me throughout my entire life and now it’s time to say goodbye.” Mike stepped away from the podium and left as he walked out of the conference room, to see Lindsay standing there, three months pregnant and with her bags.

“Hi, Mike.”

“Hi, Lindsay. What are you doing here?”

“I made a mistake back in New York City. I broke up with Lucas cause I didn’t see my self with him anyway. I saw my life with you and I want you to be with me for the rest of my life. I really do love you.”

“Are you sure? Cause I don’t know if I can take another stab at my heart. Lindsay, I am sorry but we can still be in each other’s hearts by being the best parents to that child you are carrying.”

“Okay. Bye, Mike. I will call you when the baby is born.”

“Okay and bye, Lindsay.”

Lindsay walked away as she went out the doors of the American Airlines center and went back to her apartment. She couldn’t believe it but Mike was right. She had betrayed him two times and that being the best parents to their child would be the best thing for them.

Mike knew he did the right thing in letting her go. He was ready to move on without Lindsay in his life and he knew that he was going to be okay. He was now retired and he had the rest of his life to do whatever he wanted. That was to be the best father to his unborn child.

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  1. This story ROCKS!!!!!!!!! I totally enjoyed reading it. This is a sad but great story!!!